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"Improving the accessibility of communities across Pennsylvania through ADA education and accessibility site surveys."
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Professional Consulting

Our team offers expertise in the following areas:

• ADA Guidance and Compliance

• Accessibility Plan Review

• Expert Witness for Arbitration

• Outdoor Accessibility

• Project Management


How We Can Help

Improving  accessibility and inclusivity, and becoming more welcoming to people with disabilities can increase profit.  According to the U.S. Census Bureau, about 15% of the population has some type of disability.  If this 15% cannot get to your location, you not only lose their business, but also those that accompany them (their families, friends, co-workers).  Tax incentives are another reason to improve accessibility

AccessCheck provides services to help businesses and organizations improve accessibility.  We have worked with restaurants, universities, hospitals, local and state government, parks / outdoor recreation areas, theaters, festivals, and more.  Being disability friendly opens your door to new business!  AccessCheck is a part of the Mid-Atlantic ADA Leadership NetworkOur experts provide the following services:

AccessCheck will answer your accessibility questions and provide confidential, practical, cost-effective solutions.  Free consultation.

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