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"Improving the accessibility of communities across Pennsylvania through ADA education and accessibility site surveys."
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AccessCheck - a service of LVCIL

LVCIL’s AccessCheck is the Lehigh Valley’s #1 resource for Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance and accessibility information.

AccessCheck helps businesses, organizations, parks and outdoor recreation areas, and state/local governments improve accessibility for everyone. We specialize in identifying cost-effective solutions.

1 in 5 Americans has a disability. Improving accessibility welcomes not just people with disabilities, but also their family members, friends, caregivers, etc.  Better access can increase customers, traffic, and profit.


The Community Accessibility Program (CAP) focuses on improving the accessibility of communities across Pennsylvania.

CAP specializes in ADA Accessibility Site Surveys for parks and outdoor recreation areas, trails, festivals and fairs, pools, and other public facilities. Conducted by our trained staff, including an ICC Certified Accessibility Surveyor and engineer, site surveys provide an overview of accessibility concerns as well as simple solutions to become more welcoming to persons with disabilities. Site surveys are confidential.

In addition to site surveys, CAP also offers ADA and Disability Awareness Education on a number of topics, including the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Universal Design, Visitability Standards, Practical Low Cost Ways to Improve Accessibility, Handling Accommodation Requests, Website Accessibility, Cultural Competency, and Person First  Language. As a part of the Mid-Atlantic ADA Leadership Network, we can also provide a variety of trainings on specific ADA topics and concerns.

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Free Webinar Series

Ever wonder if your bathroom is accessible? Or, if your curb cuts are correct? We are offering a FREE webinar series on the most common accessibility mistakes. For more information, click here.

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AccessCheck Launch

AccessCheck is the new interactive mobile website by LVCIL to help guide you through accessibility.

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ASL Night

Come and mingle with American Sign Language users—Deaf, Hard of Hearing, hearing, students, friends and family!!! Click here for more info.

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