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Take Part in our Monthly Giving Campaign!

Throughout 2020, we're asking our donors to give $20 per month to support Amy's Vision 2020! Your monthly gift will ensure that our consumers can continue to receive the person-centered services they need to live and work independently.

In 2019, Amy Beck celebrated her 20th anniversary as LVCIL's Executive Director and, in 2020, LVCIL and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) will both turn 30 years old. To celebrate these important milestones, we are launching Amy's Vision 2020 – a yearlong giving campaign jam-packed with events, activities, and awareness. Amy has challenged us to raise $80,000 and to serve 200 more people with disabilities by the end of 2020. With your support, we can meet Amy's challenge!

Why Give to LVCIL:

Here are a few stories that highlight how your $20 monthly gift can make an impact in 2020:

Story from our Housing Counseling Department:

Terry loves her job at Burger King on South Fourth Street in Allentown. But, she doesn’t drive and making it to work for her 5:00 am shift meant getting a ride with her supervisor. Terry wanted to move closer to work but didn’t know where to start. She contacted Rosemary Velazquez, LVCIL’s Community Support Coordinator, to start searching for a better place to live.

Terry had a Section 8 voucher and she knew that her options may be limited. But, she didn’t want to move too far away from her job. Rosemary knew that Valley Housing Development Corporation, which manages an apartment building on South 5th Street, had an opening. Rosemary contacted the property manager and advocated for Terry to get the apartment. We’re happy to report that Terry was able to use her Section 8 voucher and move into her new apartment ¼ of a block away from her job. Terry is so happy to have a new place to call home.”

Story from our Assistive Technology Department:

"Suzanne is a person with significant hearing loss and she had been using her basic telephone on speaker to schedule doctor appointments, order medications, and do other daily tasks. Even on speaker, Suzanne realized that she couldn't hear most of the conversations so she applied for a captioned telephone through Temple University's Free Special Phone program. After receiving her new CapTel phone, Suzanne found that it was difficult to use and that it didn't suit her needs. She called LVCIL for help.

Ralph Aurora, LVCIL's Coordinator of Accessibility Programs, met with Suzanne to review her options and to understand exactly how she would use the phone. One of LVCIL's partners had given the organization an amplified speakerphone and Ralph was able to deliver this new phone to Suzanne. It turned out to be the perfect option for her."

Make an Impact in 2020:

In FY 2018-19, LVCIL served 1,193 Lehigh Valley residents with disabilities. Our goal is to support people with disabilities on their path to independence and to help them live their dreams. This is how we made an impact last year:

 You can help us have a greater impact in 2020 by attending or sponsoring our events. Click here to learn more.


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