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Improve the Accessibility of Your Facility

For people without a physical disability, walking up a flight of stairs is practically second nature. But, imagine if you couldn't walk and had to use another method to get up the stairs. Not so easy is it? For people with sight, reading a bus schedule at a terminal is not a problem. But, imagine if you couldn't see the map of bus routes. How would you find the right connecting bus to get to your destination?

Disabilities come in all forms and not all are 'visible.' Use of an elevator, bathroom, hallway, seating area, etc. can be difficult to access for people with a variety of disabilities if not properly installed or designed. The CAP program offers trainings that cover common concerns with meeting the basic requirements of access for people with disabilities. The trainings will go over common errors and omissions, and will give possible low cost ways to improve accessibility. Through these trainings you will be able to make your building more accessible and friendly to people with all kinds of disabilities.

Our trainings can be tailored to your specific timeframe, staffing, and capacity. We are at your service when learning about accessibility concerns! Here is a list of the trainings we can offer:

ADA Overview Group:

  • Snapshot of the ADA (20 min.)
  • ADA Amendments Act: General Overview (20 min.)
  • ADA Revised Regulations: General Overview (20 min.)
  • Your Concerns and Dilemmas: Interactive Overview (15 min.)


Title I: Related to Employment

  • ADA & Employment: An Overview (30 min.)
  • ADA Amendments Act: An Overview (20-30 min.)
  • About Reasonable Accommodations (30 min.)
  • Reasonable Accommodation Case Studies (30 min.)
  • It’s About Talent: Hiring People with Disabilities (30 min.)
  • Navigating the Hiring Process as a Job-seeker with a Disability (30 min.)
  • Are you Ready? Preparing for Upcoming Workforce Trends (30 minutes,45 minutes for groups of more than 40 participants)
  • Guess that person: Profiles of people with disabilities (15 min.)
  • Talking to an Employer about Disability (25 min.)
  • Nonobvious Disabilities in the Workplace: An Overview (30 min.)
  • Employment & Disability Resources (10 min.)


Title II: Public Services

  • People with Disabilities: America’s Largest Minority (20 min.)
  • Program Accessibility in Public Facilities (20 min.)
  • Structural Accessibility of Public Entities (30 min.)
  • Thinking it Through: Interactive Exercises about Public Entities and the ADA (20 min.)
  • Supplemental Resources (10 min.)


Title III: Public Accommodations

  • Interacting with People with Disabilities in Places of Public Accommodation (20 min.)
  • Legal Applications of Title III (20 min.)
  • Program Accommodations in Title III (20 min.)
  • New Construction and Alterations in Title III (20 min.)
  • Title III Case Studies: Physical Accessibility (20 min.)
  • Title III Supplemental Resources (10 – 15 min)
  • Title III Overview of Design Standards (10-15 min.)


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