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Amy's Vision 2020

2020 is going to be a big year at LVCIL!

In 2019, Amy Beck celebrated her 20th anniversary as LVCIL's Executive Director and, in 2020, LVCIL and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) will both turn 30 years old. To celebrate these important milestones, we are launching Amy's Vision 2020 – a yearlong giving campaign jam-packed with events, activities, and awareness.

Amy has challenged us to raise $80,000 and to serve 200 more people with disabilities by the end of 2020! To meet her challenge, we have a slate of fundraising and special events planned.

2020 Events Calendar:

Make an Impact in 2020:

In FY 2018-19, LVCIL served 1,193 Lehigh Valley residents with disabilities. Our goal is to support people with disabilities on their path to independence and to help them live their dreams. This is how we made an impact last year:

 You can help us have a greater impact in 2020 by attending or sponsoring our events. Click here to learn more.

Amy's Vision 2020 logo written in dark and light blue letters. The "i" in Vision is replaced with the image of a person. The "0" in 2020 is replaced with the new ISA. LVCIL's logo is in the lower left hand corner.


For info, contact:

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Director of Development

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