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Don't Cook for a Month

Thanks to your support, we raised 133% of our fundraising goal from this year's "Don't Cook for a Month" raffle! Congratulations to our lucky winner!



Click here to win $1,400 in Restaurant Gift Cards! Winner take all!

We're bringing back a popular fundraiser to kickoff Amy's Vision 2020! Enter our raffle to win 30+ restaurant gift cards with a total value of $1,400. You literally won't have to cook dinner for an entire month! Winner take all!

In 2019, Amy Beck celebrated her 20th anniversary as LVCIL's Executive Director and, in 2020, LVCIL and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) will both turn 30 years old. To celebrate these important milestones, we are launching Amy's Vision 2020 – a yearlong giving campaign jam-packed with events, activities, and awareness. Amy has challenged us to raise $80,000 and to serve 200 more people with disabilities by the end of 2020. With your support, we can meet Amy's challenge!

Event Details:

Raffle will begin on January 1st.

Cost: $10 for 10 Chances
          $25 for 30 Chances
          $50 for 75 Chances

List of Restaurants:

Below is a sample of the gift cards that you could win! Winner take all!

 Click here to buy raffle entries!

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Click here to buy raffle entries!






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