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Transition & Employment

LVCIL provides a variety of transition and employment services for youth and young adults with disabilities. Below is a listing of the various programs LVCIL offers:

LIFE (Living Independently for Everyone)

LIFE is a school-based program for students with disabilities, any age. Individualized services are available to enhance and supplement transition services provided by the school district, including:

For information on LIFE, contact Laurie Newman-Manko at 610-770-9781 x 122 or laurienewman-mankos@lvcil.org or Eliza Sukanick at 610-770-9781 x 159 or elizasukanick@lvcil.org.

Real World Lehigh Valley

This interactive summer program focuses on work experiences and is designed for young adults ages 16-21. The program develops and reinforces the following skills:

This program is six weeks long, three days per week and is held at Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom.

For information on Real World Lehigh Valley, contact Laurie Newman-Mankos at 610-770-9781 x 122 or laurienewman-mankos@lvcil.org or Eliza Sukanick at 610-770-9781 x 159 or elizasukanick@lvcil.org.

Click here to visit RWLV page on S2L website.

S2L (School to Life) Group

S2L is a yearlong program for young adults with disabilities ages 14-25 who are making the transition out of high school. This youth led, youth driven program focuses on the following goals:

Ages 16-21 for OVR funded students.

For information on the S2L Group, contact Seth Hoderewski at 610-770-9781 x 119 or sethhoderewski@lvcil.org.

Click here to visit S2L website.

Vocational Independence Program (VIP)

VIP is a high school transition program which focuses on work-essential skills, independence, and employment readiness. The program runs five days per week through St. Luke's University Health Network.

This program operates in partnership with school districts, OVR, and Carbon-Lehigh Intermediate Unit 21 (CLIU 21).

For information on VIP, contact Aaron Heydt at 610-770-9781 x 149 or aaronheydt@lvcil.org

Skills Training

Students and young adults with disabilities will learn valuable skills to prepare for competitive employment and/or post-secondary success:

Work-Essential Skills Training (For Ages 16-27)

Post-Secondary Exploration and Training (Students Only, Ages 16-27)

For more information on Skills Training, contact Laurie Newman-Mankos at 610-770-9781 x 122 or laurienewman-mankos@lvcil.org

Career Path

Career Path is an innovative program for adults with disabilities. Career Path participants must be out-of-school and be eligible for or receiving services through OVR in Lehigh and Northampton counties. Services include:

For more information on Career Path, contact Carly Beck at 610-770-9781 x 125 or carlybeck@lvcil.org or Samantha Kibler at 610-770-9781 x 155 samanthakibler@lvcil.org


SEED is a program that focuses on support services for young adults with disabilities who are students at Lehigh Carbon Community College (LCCC). LVCIL staff provide support for LCCC students on campus:

For more information on SEED, contact Aaron Heydt at 610-770-9781 x 149 or aaronheydt@lvcil.org

Click here for more information on SEED.


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