Community Outreach

LVCIL offers community outreach presentations that cover a wide variety of disability-related topics. Many presentations are free and many can be adapted to meet time and other constraints.

General Info About LVCIL

LVCIL conducts general presentations about its programs and services. These presentations can be tailored to any group, event, or outreach setting. LVCIL staff also attend various expos, resource fairs, and conferences year-round to promote its programs and services.

For more information, contact  610-770-9781.

Disability Sensitivity Training

LVCIL offers disability sensitivity training to businesses, municipalities, nonprofits, organizations, and other groups as a fee for service program. The training will discuss topics including:

  • A Look Back at the Independent Living Movement
  • Independent Living Philosophy
  • The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • Interacting with People with Disabilities
  • Person-First Language
  • Service Dogs & Emotional Support Animals
  • And more!

As people with disabilities conducting the presentation, you will hear personal stories and anecdotes from real experts!

Presentations can be tailored to meet your time constraints and other needs. For more information, call 610-770-9781.

Freewheelers vs. ________

LVCIL’s Freewheelers host friendly wheelchair basketball games against businesses, municipalities, nonprofits, organizations, and other groups. The program is a great way to teach disability sensitivity and to promote adaptive sports. The program typically includes:

  • An Overview of LVCIL’s Programs & Services
  • (2) 15-minute Quarters of 5-on-5 wheelchair basketball
  • Halftime Shootout Competition

LVCIL provides extra wheelchairs and its athletes love to answer questions about adaptive sports. Games can be tailored to meet your time constraints and other needs.

For more information, call 610-770-9781.

“Have you thought about… LIFE?” Presentation

This interactive transition-based presentation empowers youth with disabilities to take charge of their future. The presentation covers various topics:

  • Self-Advocacy
  • Self-Determination
  • High School vs. Adult World
  • Relationships
  • Finding Community Resources

“Have You Thought About… LIFE?” is typically a 60-90 minute presentation. But, it can be tailored to meet your school or organization’s needs.

For more information, contact Seth Hoderewski, Director of Transition Services, at 610-770-9781 ext. 119 or email

Common Playgrounds

Common Playgrounds is an interactive disability sensitivity program for elementary and middle school-aged students. The program spoofs various game shows and is broken into segments:

  • Who’s Telling the Truth?
  • Smart Pet Tricks
  • Not in My Spot!
  • Meal or No Meal
  • American Idol Spoof

Common Playgrounds is presented by a troupe of people with and without disabilities. The goal is to reduce stereotypes, and to show children that people with disabilities are capable of doing and achieving anything.

This program is perfect for schools, youth groups, summer camp programs, and the like. Common Playgrounds can also be offered in a Q&A/Discussion format for small groups or classrooms, if that if preferred. This lets kids get “up close and personal” with people with disabilities and ask the tough questions. Nothing is taboo!

For more information, contact Sally Hill, Common Playgrounds Coordinator, at 610-770-9781 ext. 128.

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