Core Services

We can help you achieve or maintain your independence through many of our supportive services and programs, including our five core services.

Information and Referral

Information and referral can help you find the programs, services, and support you need to live independently.

At LVCIL, we partner with service providers, agencies, county and state offices to provide you with the best, most up-to-date information and resources. Our staff is extremely knowledgeable on the different disability-related programs and services in the Lehigh Valley that can help you maintain your independence. If we cannot help you personally, we will refer you to the organization that can best serve your needs. In addition, LVCIL has many disability-related resources, inlcuding books, magazines, pamphlets, and more, should you need to take with you any information for future reference.

If you need help locating a specific program or service, or just have a general question, call us at 610-770-9781 or contact a Community Support Coordinator by clicking here.


To put it simply, advocacy is standing up for your rights and what you believe in.

At LVCIL, we work to ensure your rights are being upheld. We utilize our knowledge of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 to advocate on behalf of our consumers and advocate collectively for systems change through participation on local and statewide groups and coalitions. We also educate and encourage consumers to self-advocate, which includes learning about specific disability-related issues and talking to key stakeholders about how to bring about positive change. In addition, LVCIL works with the other 17 Centers for Independent Living in Pennsylvania to advocate at the state-level for increased services, supports, funding, and other disability-related resources. LVCIL is also involved with the Pennsylvania Council on Independent Living (PCIL) and Pennsylvania Statewide Independent Living Council (PASILC).

Have you been discriminated against, slighted, or put down? Call us at 610-770-9781 or contact a Community Support Coordinator to find out how we can help.

Peer Support

If you feel like no one understands you, or that people treat you differently because of your disability, LVCIL’s peer support can help.

At LVCIL, a majority of our staff, Board of Directors, and volunteers are people with disabilities. This means that, when you call our office, you are undoubtedly speaking to someone with a disability or someone who has had simliar life experiences. Building a network of support is the best way to get through those tough times, and our peer support services can help lighten the load when dealing with issues of depression, self-worth, financial burdens, etc.

Call us at 610-770-9781 or contact a Community Support Coordinator to find out how we can help.

Independent Living Skills

We can help you achieve independence.

If you are moving out on your own for the first time, or need support in learning essential independent living and life skills, we can help. At LVCIL, we can provide you with the information, support, and education you need to live independently and remain independent. In working with a Community Support Coordinator, you will learn about housing rights and responsibilities, how to maintain your home, general cleanliness, nutrition, health and safety, personal finance, simple meal preparation, and more. Independent living skills education is provided one-on-one or in four-week group sessions.

If you’d like to learn how to live independently, call us at 610-770-9781 or contact a Community Support Coordinator by clicking here.

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