Decide Your Future

About SDM PA

Supported Decision Making Pennsylvania is partnership between Lehigh Valley Center for Independent Living (LVCIL) and Jewish Family Service of the Lehigh Valley (JFSLV) funded by Pennsylvania Developmental Disabilities Council (PADDC).

SDMPA will raise awareness and provide information about how Supported Decision Making works, focusing on youth with disabilities who are transition-aged and their family members, and those professionals involved in the transition from youth to adulthood.


What is Supported
Decision Making?

How do you make Decisions? Do you rely on your own experiences alone? What if you don’t know something? How do you weigh your options or even decide what questions to ask?

Supported Decision Making is a way of making choices and decisions about your own life, with some help from others. This help comes from a team of trusted people that you choose to become your circle of support. The circle of support can include friends, family, mentors, or professionals. They are here to support you!  

It’s natural to ask others for advice. The process is the same no matter the decision, although the amount of help someone needs varies by person. Decisions are made by you.