Consumer Groups

LVCIL is home to several groups that offer peer support, fun community-based activities, and independent living skills education for consumers. For more information on these groups, as well as event listings, please visit our community calendar.

Peer Support Group

LVCIL also offers a bi-weekly peer support group for people with disabilities. The purpose of the group is for people with disabilities to come together and offer social, emotional, and practical support to members living with disabilities. Peer support group meets every other Monday.

To register to attend, or for more information on the peer support group, please contact Debbie Rozear at 610-770-9781 or email

Independent Living Skills Groups

These group sessions are held periodically to provide consumers with education on the skills they need to live independently. Topics include finding community resources, accessing transportation, emergency/personal safety, health skills, money management, maintaining your home, and simple meal preparation. IL skills groups are perfect for consumers that are interested in living independently or would like to brush up on their skills.

To register to attend, or for more information, please check our community calendar or contact a Community Support Coordinator.

CommUnity Club

CommUnity Club is a social group for young adults with disabilities ages 18+. The club is a great way for young adults to meet new people, build lasting friendships, and learn about independent living. CommUnity Club does lots of fun activities throughout the year, including bowling, karaoke, IronPigs games, game nights, movies, and events in the community. Here is some additional information about the club:

  • There is an annual $35 membership fee to join CommUnity Club.
  • All club communication is done via email and RSVP’s are necessary for all events.
  • Club members are responsible for arranging their own transportation.
  • Club members are responsible for any costs that may be incurred, such as tickets, registration fees, food, etc.
  • LVCIL staff are at each event, but we do not supervise all activities. Rather, we encourage club members to run group activities whenever possible.

For more information on CommUnity Club, please email


Adaptations Lehigh Valley is an exciting social group program for adults in their 20s and 30s with developmental and/or learning disabilities, who have a high level of independence. Our program is a place for individuals of all backgrounds to socialize, learn, grow, and build friendships with one another. This program provides participants with opportunities to experience the community through various social and recreational activities. 

Adaptations Lehigh Valley usually meets twice a month. The first Thursday of each month meetings are held at LVCIL and there is pizza and games. There is typically a second event later on in month where the group does something fun in the community (based on the participants’ interests).

For more information, please contact Amanda Thomas, M.S. Ed, Adaptations Program Director at

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