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Community Outreach

LVCIL offers many community outreach presentations that cover a wide variety of disability-related topics. All presentations are free and many can be adapted to meet time and other constraints.

Have you thought about... LIFE?

This interactive presentation focuses on empowering young adults with disabilities to take charge of their transition to adult life and talk about their future. The presentation covers all the major topics of transition, such as self-advocacy, self-determination, goals setting, staying in school until age 21, the differences between high school and the adult world, what to do after graduation, finding friends, and finding community resources to help after graduation. Young adults are encouraged to participate and share their insights. At the end, there is a small game with prizes that helps to reinforce many of the topics discussed.

Have you thought about... LIFE? is typically a 60 to 90 minute presentation. However, it can be tailored to meet time constraints and other demands. For more information on Have you thought about... LIFE?, please call Seth Hoderewski, Director of Transition Services, at 610-770-9781 ext. 119 or email sethhoderewski@lvcil.org.

Common Playgrounds

Common Playgrounds is an interactive disability sensitivity education program for elementary and middle school-aged children. The program aims to reduce stereotypes about children with disabilities, increase inclusiveness and communication between children with and without disabilities, and discourage bullying of children with disabilities. Common Playgrounds consists of two different components:

Assembly Program: Set up as an interactive game show entitled "What Do YOU Know About People with Disabilities?" this program is great for medium and large groups. The assembly is informative, interactive, and based on popular game shows such as Deal or No Deal and American Idol. The program covers the gamut of what people with disabilities are capable of doing and achieving.

Q & A/Discussion: Great for small groups or classroom settings, this program lets kids get "up close and personal" with people with disaiblities. Kids are encouraged to ask questions of any nature regarding living with a disability.

For more information on Common Playgrounds, or to schedule a performance, please contact Sally Hill, Common Playgrounds Coordinator, at 610-770-9781 ext. 128.

Disability Awareness Training

LVCIL now provides disability awareness training to businesses, municipalities, nonprofits, social organizations, and other groups. Participants will learn important techniques for making your business or organization more inclusive of people with disabilities. The program offers practical lessons in person first language, the ADA, and avoiding disability related gaffes. As people with disabilities conducting the presentation, you will also hear personal stories and anecdotes about living with a disability, disability awareness and sensitivity.

To learn more about our disability awareness training, please contact Greg Bott, Director of Development at 610-770-9781 ext. 120 or email gregbott@lvcil.org.

General Outreach

LVCIL also conducts general presentations on its programs and services. These presentations can be tailored to any group, event, or outreach setting. To schedule a presentation on LVCIL's programs and services, please contact Greg Bott, Director of Development, at 610-770-9781 ext. 120 or email gregbott@lvcil.org.